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  • About

    Rec Tourney baseball was created to provide what we believe is a much needed tournament experience for Rec youth baseball teams. With the growing trend of Select Tournament play, Rec has found itself lacking the opportunities to engage in continuous tournament play within its own level, until now! RTB is NCS backed, and offers various types of tournament play almost every weekend during the Spring and Fall seasons.

  • Tournament Rules

    Official Rules can be found here: National Champion Sports Rules


    Weather Policy

    • Games may be played during light to moderate rains as long as safety is not compromised and there is no lightening.
    • The Tournament Director and staff will be able to monitor lightning via Weather monitoring system and will rely on system alerts and best judgement to delay games if there is lightning detected within 12-15 miles.
    • Lightning Delays remains in effect for at least 30 minutes from the first detected lightning strike.
    • Any game that is delayed due to weather will be resumed from where the game left off once it is considered safe to return to play.
    • Any game that is cancelled due to weather will be made up if possible from the beginning if no innings were completed.
    • Any game that makes it past 1 inning of play will result in the last completed innings score and the winner will be determined as the team in the lead after the last completed inning.
    • A game started is considered a game played based on our rainout policy.

    Rainout Policy

    • If no games are played you will receive a full refund. (Registration and Gate Fee)
    • If 1 game is played you will receive 2/3 of your team’s registration fee refunded.
    • If 2 games are played you will receive 1/3 of your team’s registration fee refunded.
    • Once bracket play begins, there is no refund given out and awards will go to the top 2 remaining seeds. 
    • Once a game is through 1 complete inning, then it is considered to be a game played and counts as a game completed. 
    • Due to administrative costs associated with refunds, a fee of 15% is deducted from any refunds. 
    • If your team is disqualified from the tournament for any reason, your team will not be issued any refunds. 
  • Our Two Divisions


    This division is dedicated for teams that are currently participating in Rec Leagues and currently assigned as a Single A-Rec team. Before approved for tournament entry, all teams are vetted as we do not allow higher division teams to participate in this particular division.


    While our core focus is on Rec, we understand that there are Rec Leagues out there that have Premier and AA divisions as well. This is why we currently support the D3 division.

    ***D2 and higher divisions are not allowed to participate. ***

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